How to become an IT technician

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Getting your first job as an entry level computer technician can be difficult. Below are some steps to help you become an IT Technician.

Learn Where to Find the Answers

Being a good tech doesn’t mean you know everything. But, you should know how to find the answers. This is where Google can really help you out. For example, putting quotes around a specific error message and searching for it will usually lead you to articles on how to fix it.

Build a Computer

A good computer tech will know how to build a computer from the ground up. After you have built it make sure you install Windows as you will be doing this a lot when you become a tech.

Break Your Computer

Destroy your Windows installation and then attempt to repair it. You learn the most when you have hands on experience with troubleshooting problems. Before you start make sure you back everything up.

Get Your A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ Certification is one of the most widely sought after certifications for entry level tech jobs. Many IT recruiters look at this certification as validation that you know the basics of being a computer technician.

Work for Free

Volunteer whenever the opportunity is available, whether it is at your college or at an IT company. You will get the hands on experience you need, and it is also something to put on your CV. Plus a voluntary job could turn into a paid one.


Make sure you read tech books, tech blogs, tech news, and anything else. Study your acronyms and know what they mean. Don’t be caught off guard when someone asks you what TCP/IP stands for in an interview.

Accept Any Offer

Apply for every entry level tech job that you can find and if you get an offer, take it. The market is very competitive and at this point you just need to get your foot in the door. After you gain some experience, you can always move on to something better.

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