How to become Computer Programmer

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While there are many exciting careers in information technology, one that has been consistently popular over the years is computer programming. Because there is constantly a demand for the latest and greatest software, computer programming can lead to a successful career in information technology.

What is a computer programmer?

Computer programmers use their skills to write code and create software programs that tell computers to accomplish certain tasks like retrieving data. They may also rewrite, debug, maintain and test these programs. Computer programmers use specific codes or computer languages, like Java, Python and C++.

What certifications do I need?

If you want to become a computer programmer, it's a good idea to earn good quality certification. Aspiring programmers may spend between two and eight years on their college education, fulfilling prerequisite coursework, completing computer technology curriculum and earning professional certifications. Typical programming courses include; Python, Java, C++, Excel VBA Programming.

Should I have experience?

It's always a good idea to have prior experience, particularly in a specialised field like computer programming. The computer systems design industry is changing rapidly, so being a computer programmer also means you need to be willing to constantly learn.

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